Tuft & Needle Bed Handcrafted Mattress

Sleep with peace in the new age mattress 

Sleep is a very important part of human life. Without proper sleep many problems can arise which can prove to be extremely fatal. However, sometimes the mattress you sleep in can be the cause of your unfulfilled sleep. The mattress plays a very important role in your proper sleep. A mattress needs to be just right to provide you with a good quality of sleep. If the mattress is bad then not only you will get disturbed but that will also cause severe back ache for you. That is why you should always opt for the branded mattresses, like the product in question, rather than the local made.

The features

This product can easily be said as a power packed one. It has such features which will enhance your experience of sleeping to several folds. And, you will no doubt love to sleep in the mattress. Let’s take a peek at what are the features:

  1. The mattresses is not made by one layered foam it is prepared by using three layers of premium foam which makes it comfortable and awesome to sleep in.
  2. The thickness of the mattress is about 5”.
  3. The outside of the mattress is prepared by using soft cotton fabric. This fabric looks fabulous and is also equally durable in nature.
  4. The soft cotton cover of the mattress is perfect and doesn’t cause any kind of problem.
  5. The mattress is absolutely chemical free and as well as flame retardant.
  6. The foam used in making of the mattress is that of CentriPUR safe.
  7. The price of the mattress is absolutely affordable and thus all can afford it with ease.
  8. The mattress is handcrafted and thus it adds an extra note to its comfort level.

The advantages

While using this mattress you will no doubt feel its advantages by yourself but still have a quick look at what are they?

  1. The mattress is a perfect fit for any kind of bed.
  2. It is available in various sizes and thus you can buy the one easily in accordance with your convenience.
  3. Unlike the other mattresses this mattress doesn’t get thin over time and thus you can use it for a really long period of time.
  4. This mattress has a string yet comfortable build and it is very durable.
  5. It keeps your sleeping posture correct and thus helps you in getting rid of the problems like back pain or snoring.
  6. It is really soft and thus you can have a decent sleep in it.

The negative

Now as everything is a mix of good and bad so is this mattress. The only problem, however, with this mattress is that it is a bit difficult to fold this matter. However, when you see the positive aspects then this tiny glitch seems to be nothing.

Wrapping up

So, if you are bored by sleeping in your old mattress or your old mattress is not good enough for you then this mattress can prove to be the perfect replacement. It is definitely a value for money.

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